What to expect if we offer you a property?

Time Scales

Although you could be waiting a while to be allocated housing, once you have been offered a property you could be asked to move quite quickly. Housing Associations have set times to allocate their properties to make sure that people are housed quickly and to make best use of their homes. It is unusual, but this could mean that you will be expected to view the property and sign up in the same week.

Rent in Advance

Some Landlords will expect you to pay at least four weeks rent in advance before they will offer you a tenancy, however Falcon Rural Housing does not. If you are able to start your tenancy and pay a month in advance (if you wish to pay monthly) that’s great, if not, you can make an arrangement to pay a little extra on top of your weekly or monthly rent (for example, an extra £5.00 per week or £20.00 per month) so that over an arranged period of time, you can get your account into advance.

Carpets and White Goods

Unlike some private landlords, we do not supply white goods (fridge freezer/ washing machine/ cooker etc.). If you do not already have these items please be reassured that this will NOT stop you from being offered a property with Falcon Rural Housing.

We do not carpet our properties, this will be your responsibility, so when viewing, expect to see floorboards or concrete flooring and please consider the cost of providing your own. We do provide flooring for kitchens, bathrooms and downstairs toilets for hygiene and health and safety reasons. This flooring will normally be Non-Slip Vinyl unless stated otherwise. There are many organisations that may be able to help furnish and equip your home so if you are struggling please contact us and we will give you contact details of those that can help.

Renting two properties / Overlaps

If you are moving you will also need to consider that you may hold two tenancies (one on your current and one on your new) for a short period. This is called an Overlap, where you are liable to pay rent on BOTH properties even if you claim full Housing Benefit. If you claim Universal Credit Housing Element you will not get an overlap payment.

Welfare Changes

If you are on Housing Benefit, by moving house you will be triggering a change of circumstances and will need to claim Universal Credit. Please click here to find out more about Universal Credit.