How do I end My Tenancy?

If you wish to end your tenancy, you must give us at least four weeks’ notice in writing.

We will accept an email from you, but we will also require you to sign a form which we will send you or give to you when we visit.

The Notice period must start on a Monday, so if we receive your letter / email on any other day than a Monday, the Notice period will commence on the following Monday.

Your Notice letter must include the date by which you intend to leave the property and a forwarding address including up to date contact details.

Your tenancy will always be ended on a Sunday irrespective of the day that you actually move out. The Association will confirm the date for you on receipt of your Notice.

What happens after I give you my 4 weeks’ notice?

Your Housing Officer will come out to visit you and complete a property inspection.

The inspection needs to be completed as soon as possible after you have advised us that you are leaving. This is so we can identify whether there are any jobs that you will be expected to do before you move out.

This could include removing carpets or redecorating, depending on the condition of the property. If you leave without carrying out the works we have asked you to do, we will complete the works and you will be recharged for the cost of doing so. This could include a cost for materials, labour, and other expenses required, as well as a charge for the rent that we will be losing whilst undertaking the works. All recharges are also subject to VAT where applicable.

Prior to the end of your tenancy, you need to remove all of your belongings and furniture from the property. This includes clearing the loft space and any sheds or outbuildings. Please also make sure you gather all your pets too! Under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement, you are also required to leave the property in a clean and re-lettable condition.

You will need to make sure you change your address with everyone who sends you correspondence (such as your utility providers) or you could contact the Post Office to have a Redirection of Mail put on your address.

Please note that this Association will not forward any mail on to you.

You will need to make sure that you give us vacant possession of the property by 8.30am on the Monday following the termination date. We will often meet you at the property on this day to complete a final inspection and pick up the keys from you.

If your keys are not received at Falcon House by this time, or you fail to turn up at the property to give us the keys, the Association will be forced to change the locks. If this happens you will be recharged the cost of this work and you may also be charged a further weeks rent.

As well as ensuring the property is in good condition when you leave, you must also ensure that your rent account is completely cleared and that there are no monies outstanding. If you leave the Association owing rent or any other monies, the Association reserves the right to request that a Debt Collection Agency attempts to recover any outstanding balance from you. Any money owed by you will then be recovered by the Debt Company on the Association’s behalf including any costs incurred by the Debt Company.