Procedure for Complaints

Falcon Rural Housing endeavours to provide our tenants and service users with an excellent level of service.

Sometimes, however, things go wrong and people are dissatisfied. In such cases, we aim to put things right at the first point of contact.

In the first instance, anyone dissatisfied with Falcon is encouraged to make an informal complaint, by contacting their Housing Officer or another member of staff. Many problems can be resolved in this way without using the formal complaint process. Complainants will be encouraged to make a complaint formal where they are not satisfied with any other response to their problem.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about:

  • The standard of service received from the Association or
  • The Association’s response to a request for a service or
  • The Association’s action or lack of action.

What is NOT a complaint?

Some issues do not fall within the definition of a complaint. This list is not exhaustive, but may include, for example:

  • A first request for a service (such as a repair).  It will only become a complaint if the service requested has not been performed or has been inadequately performed.
  • Neighbour disputes or anti-social behaviour, unless the complaint refers to the Association’s failure to deal with the disagreement appropriately.
  • An issue regarding hate crime or domestic violence.
  • A dispute over the amount of rent or service charge being accurately and legitimately charged in line with policy.
  • A claim being dealt with by the Association’s insurers.
  • A dispute where a resident has commenced legal action against the Association.
  • An appeal against policy decisions.

There are alternative procedures for issues of this kind and when you contact us, we will advise you on the relevant course of action that should be taken.

If you have a complaint about us, please contact us as soon as you are dissatisfied.

If you wish to make a formal complaint, please contact us and we will send you a copy of our Formal Complaints Policy and Procedure which explains everything you will need to know about how to make a complaint and how it will be dealt with.