Tenant Improvements

In accordance with your Tenancy Agreement, you are allowed to make certain improvements to your home.  However, you must ask our permission before carrying out any major improvements.  To help you, we have set out below the improvements you would need permission for and those where you don’t need permission.

You Need Permission For

  • Installing a new kitchen
  • Installing a new bathroom
  • Replacing a bath or shower
  • Adding a conservatory
  • Replacing fences
  • Putting up a shed or greenhouse
  • Replacing a boiler, fire or fireplace
  • Removing walls or remodelling the property
  • Changing the layout of the property
  • Extending the property
  • Adaptations for the disabled
  • Stairlifts
  • Putting in parking spaces or garages
  • Any changes to the electrics
  • Putting a cat flap in a door
  • Tiling floors
  • Completely tiling a room, for example, your kitchen or bathroom
  • Satellite dishes and aerials

You Don’t Need Permission For

  • Decorating
  • Putting up shelves
  • Putting up pictures
  • Laying carpets or wooden floors – (unless in a 1st floor flat or above)

These lists are not exhaustive so if you cannot see what you want to do written on either of the lists above, please make sure that you contact the office to ask if you need permission.

If you want to ask permission to make an improvement to your home, you must do so in writing, giving as much detail as possible of what you want to do and why. We will endeavour to respond to any request within a few working days.

Never carry out any works before requesting permission from the Association as this would be a breach of your Tenancy Agreement and should we not grant permission, it could cost a lot of money to put your home back to how it was before the works were done!

Please also note that we will NOT give you permission for any alterations or improvements if you have outstanding rent arrears, recharges or court costs due to the Association.

If in any doubt whatsoever about what you want to do, please contact us for help and advice.