Falcon’s Board of Management

Falcon’s Board of Directors is made up of people with skills, interests or relevant experience, and assists the work of the Association. Board of Directors members are selected by interview following a skills assessment. Falcon also strives to have tenant representation on the Board and Committees. This ensures that tenant views and voices are heard at every level of the Association’s decision-making process.

The Full Board of Directors meets every three months and oversees the main business of the Association. It is tasked with deciding what it wants Falcon to achieve and sets out the aims of the Association to reflect this. It makes these decisions with the benefit of advice and views from the senior Falcon staff and other relevant parties. It is then down to the senior staff to implement and achieve what the Board of Directors wants for the Association by using the procedures and methods they think best.

The performance of the Association is then assessed by at least one of Falcon’s Sub-Committees.

All Board of Directors Members also sit on at least one Sub-Committee. These committees meet at least four times a year and report back to the Full Board of Directors on Falcon’s compliance and performance in carrying out the directions of the Board of Directors as well as holding the senior staff to account.

The Sub-Committees are:

  • Finance, Development and Policy Committee
  • Housing Management Committee
  • Internal Controls and Risk Committee

Board of Directors members are required to sign a Code of Conduct, which sets out what is expected of them in their role.

All of our Board of Directors Members are voluntary and do not get paid to sit on the Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors Members are:

  • Emma Rhodin Chair
  • Malcolm Mackenzie Vice Chair
  • Melville Trimble – Treasurer
  • Helen Charles
  • John Norman
  • Rev Matthew Tregenza
  • Hugh Warmington