Gas and Oil Boiler Servicing

As a responsible landlord, we ensure that all our properties with gas and oil boilers are serviced and given an annual safety check.

We will write to you giving adequate notice when this is due.

We expect all tenants to give our contractors access to their homes in order to carry out the servicing.

The servicing is vital to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Our contractors will always endeavour to make appointments in advance at a time that is mutually convenient for you both. We respectfully request that you agree an appointment within the allocated time frame and ensure there is a supply of oil or gas as appropriate at the time of the visit. Remember, this service is for your own safety, therefore your cooperation is expected.

Please note that our contractors work between the hours of 8.30 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. They do NOT work evenings or weekends – so please do not request an appointment outside their working hours.

If you forget or miss an appointment or you do not have gas or oil available to carry out the service when our contractor attends, the Association is charged £50.00 by our contractor for missed appointments. If this happens, this charge will then be recharged to you.

It is therefore vitally important that appointments are kept to ensure an efficient completion of our servicing program.

If you do need to change an appointment please contact the office as soon as possible.

The servicing of gas and oil boilers is a legal duty of this Association.

If you do not allow us access to your home to complete the work or you unreasonably delay letting us into your home and the safety check becomes overdue, you will leave us no alternative but to seek a Court Order to allow us access to your home. If this happens you will be charged for costs incurred in obtaining the Court Order which are currently around £355.00.

As it is stated above, these checks are essential so that we can KEEP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SAFE.

Your full cooperation in allowing us access to your home is therefore expected but nonetheless appreciated.