The office will be closed over the Christmas period from 5.00pm on 23rd December 2022 until 8.30am on 3rd January 2023.

To report an emergency repair out of office hours please telephone our usual telephone number and follow the options given….                                       

01823 667343

Emergency repairs are a situation where there is immediate risk of danger or injury to people or properties, such as:

  • Gas leaks – turn off the gas supply immediately, open your windows, and ring the emergency Gas telephone number 0800 111 999
  • Serious electrical faults
  • Burst pipes or seriously leaking water tanks or boilers
  • Loss of entire heating in extreme cold weather only and only where a property has an elderly/infirm person or a new-born baby in permanent residence. (All calls will be judged individually as to whether they are an emergency)
  • Serious roof leaks
  • Severe flood damage
  • Dangerous walls or chimneys
  • For blocked drains contact Wessex Water or South West Water NOT the emergency line.

Please note that any calls received that are deemed to be non-emergency WILL be recharged to you. Also note that the person taking the call on behalf of Falcon Rural Housing has complete discretion as to whether the call requires emergency action.